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Harmonal Imbalance

Are You Suffering From Hormonal Imbalance ? 

Hormonal disbalance. What does it mean? A disbalance in the hormones of a human body; either your body is receiving a lot of a certain hormone or it is not getting enough of a certain hormone – hormonal imbalance occurs in the human body.

What are hormones?

Hormones are the chemicals in our body which help direct the cells to perform certain functions. Supposedly, a person may have a darker skin and the other may have a fairer complexion. We direct the complexion to the genetic traits a person derives from his family, but hormones also do play an important role in the same. Sometimes one feels that he should consume a sweet delicacy or something spicy all of a sudden. This happens when the hormones activate and direct your cells which in turn direct the brain to ask you for those food substances. An interesting fact about hormones is that it is not only present in the human beings but its is present in all the living things like animals, flowers, fungi etc. which function on the chemical reactions happening in their living streams.

Have you ever felt super hungry and then your mood swings and as soon as the food comes up in front of you, you deny to consume it. This game is well played by the hormones of the body. Maybe your stomach is all full and does not require food but your brain triggers the signals that you need to eat food and your stomach is empty. The substance that triggers your brain and then makes your mood swing is a hormone of your body. Hormones are the ones that direct the cells and trigger the other body parts to perform their functions. Like, it may tell the cell to burn the food you consume or store it as a fat in your body for later use. Everything depends upon the hormones of your body.

What are the things that hormones regulate in a human body?

Mood levels Body temperature

Stress levels in a human

Heart rate



Sleep cycle of a human

Reproductive cycles like periods

Sexual functions of a human being

The overall development and growth which comes under the general growth of a human body.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the right balance in your hormones because it plays all the games of your body and your reactions.

The point to be noted here is that it is not only the womens who suffer from a disbalance in their hormones. Even the males are hit by the same. In the common world we normally come across with this term of disbalance being related majorly with the women. Both the bodies, of a male and a women have hormones. Like the females have a disbalance in hormones like progesterone or estrogen; males may suffer from a disbalance in their male hormone known as the testosterone. Any abnormality in the hormonal functionality is termed as a disbalance in the bodies of both the genders.

How does one come to know that the body is facing a hormonal disbalance?

If you are a woman and you get your periods irregularly, irregularly in this sense means with a gap of more that 28-35 days, your periods skip months; your hormones are said to be disbalanced. Now a days, we here women under 40 suffering from problems like PCOD, PCOS etc which occur due to the misbalanced hormones resulting in irregular periods.

Difficulty in sleep is another symptom which indicates towards a disbalance In your hormones. There is a hormone named as Progesterone, which is released by the ovaries and is responsible for sleep. If your body falls short of this hormone, you may face difficulty in sleeping. Similarly, if there is an extra amount of progesterone being released in your body, you will feel sleepy the entire day and laziness will hit you and your body badly.

Women, after puberty, usually get the acne problems during their periods or right before their dates. They popularly call them as ‘Perils of periods’ but, sometimes in women the male hormone called as androgen is released in a relatively higher rate which triggers the oil glands in women and thus the results are acne.

Both men and women may undergo numerous symptoms for the imbalance but there are various other common symptoms which indicate an imbalance in the hormones of a human which are as follows:

Anxiety or getting irritated by little things.

A human may feel thirsty quite often and may have a dry throat maximum times.

Depression may hit a person easily.

Weakness in the bones may be seen if there is a disbalance in the hormones.

A person may undergo excessive sweating. Excessive sweating here indicates to an abormal kind of sweating which cannot be explained.

There may be a sudden or gradual weight gain or weight loss. This is just because the disbalance hit your body.

Your blood pressure changes at a faster frequency. Sometimes it may be recorded as a lower one and at other times a higher one or normal. There is no consistency in the same.

Skin related problems may come up both in males as well as females. As discussed earlier, females may get acnes because of increased level of astrogen in their body; both the genders may also start facing problems of dry skin or rashes on the skin.

Headaches becomes a part of your daily chore and your head may ache more often.

Your body becomes sensitive to cold or heat but this change in sensitivity is not the same. It keeps on changing because of the misbalance.

Hair fall in the humans may increase and is one of the major symptoms of a disbalance in your hormones.

In the females, a change in the voice also occurs. The voice actually starts deepening.

Infertility in both the genders is also one of the major problems which happens because of hormonal imbalance.

Usually what we have heard about breast tenderness is that it happens only in the women; but the fact is when there is a misbalance of hormones in a human body, breast tenderness hits both the genders equally.

One may also face the problem of puffy face.

There are various other symptoms which indicate a disbalance of hormones in your body.

Hormonal imbalance treatment helps to find out the causes and thus prescribes the patient accordingly to get a balancing functionality of the hormones. The list of the causes is a long one but few points can be jotted as follows:

A patient suffering from thyroid. The 2 kinds of thyroid a human suffers from are: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidim. Thyroid is one of the major cause of the imbalance of hormones caused in the human body.

When a person undergoes extreme level of stress, is another cause of the misbalance.

Excessive weight gain.

A human body gets hit by a disease called goitre which happens when there is deficiency of iodine in the body.

Suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Deficiency in various nutrition in your body and sudden change in your diet which actually results in a poor diet for your body.

It happens in the females that they suffer from only a single X chromosome working, this is also a cause of an imbalance in your hormones.

Injuries in the endocrine glands etc.

The best and the most natural way to bring a perfect balance in your hormones is to adopt hormonal imbalance treatment in Ayurveda. With no side effects, there are some natural ways to balance the hormones of your body. Some of them can be listed as under:

Exercising on a regular basis

As one of the major causes of the imbalance in the hormones is stress, try to manage your stress and remain stress free.

Don’t over eat. The point of importance here is not only over eating but under eating should also not be done. Both are harmful for our hormonal health.

Start consuming green tea. It comes with anti-oxidants which help in balancing the hormones.

If you remain stress free, a healthy and a good sleep is not away from you. A good sleep ensures a helping hand in balancing your hormonal levels.

If any person is undergoing a hormonal imbalance treatment, the one thing which your physician will tell you to avoid will be, …..? can you guess it?

We will help you out.

Your biggest threat is your love for alcohol and caffeine. We know that the lifestyle of the 21st century is considered to be a cool one just because of the involvement of alcohol, clubs, pubs, dances etc. but, if you want to keep your body healthy and safe, stop being cool. Because this ain’t actually cool.

If you feel that alcohol is related to a misbalance in your hormones then this is what actually happens when you consume alcohol and caffeine.

Till now you must have heard a lot about the estrogen levels in your body. As soon as you consume alcohol the levels of the estrogen rise in your body. We are also aware of the fact that, alcohol always puts some extra effort on our liver and is not good for our liver health too. As these estrogen levels increase, they tend to put more pressure on our liver. 

The major function of liver is to detox your body from estrogen, but when it has a lot of work load onto it just because you consumed alcohol, the liver is not in a condition to perform its original function.

How does a rise in the estrogen level impact your body?

An increase in the estrogen level trigers your body with a lot of problems which can be:

Irregularity in periods

Periods going on for a longer time

Pain in your breasts

Severe headaches

Heavy periods which directly means a lot of blood lost.

Other PMS problems etc.

It is advised to see a doctor so that your body helps in balancing the hormones.

What does the hormone care kit has in it for you?

A mix of natural herbs like:


It is the best prescribed herb in Ayurveda for balancing the female hormones. There may be hormones which may already be balanced, shatavari herb also helps in maintaining those already balanced hormones.


Amla is considered as the best cure for almost all major diseases in Ayurveda. Containing Vitamin C, it is one of the most richest sources where we receive anti oxidants from in a totally naturall way.


Whenever we here about Ayurveda, a common herb we come across is Ashwagandha. It helps in maintaining a proper blood flow in the humans, helps in treating depression and managing the stress levels.


If you are facing an imbalance in cholestrol levels, estrogen and progesterone levels, Lodhra is the one stop natural herb for treating the misbalance of these hormones. It is also mixed in the hormone care kit.


Yohimbine is also known as Catuaba Bark. Stimualting your nervous system is what it is best known for.

A soothing and a proven medical mix of these natural herbs which help in proper curing of misbalance of your hormones. Choose Ayurveda and let a healthy body be a part of yourself.

We do not realize what impact does a balanced hormonal function has in life. Confidence and positive is what gets on roll if we have a balance in hormones. Let’s get them balanced and enjoy a life full of happiness.

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