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beast Cancer

Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer – Breast Cancer Specifically!

Cancer develops within the cells of a human body. It is usually seen that women suffer from breast cancer in common.
The best treatment for cancer in Ayurveda is the perfect mix of herbs and natural extracts used in Ayurvedic medications.

What does a female breast consist of?

Just like any other body organ or part, a female breast has various nerves and cells working within. A female breast consists of Lobes, nipples, muscles, areola, fat and the ducts. Lobes or the lobules are the parts or the glands within the breast which are responsible to create milk within. The ducts act as the bridge between the lobules and the nipples which help to transfer the milk to the nipples. The fatty tissue and the muscles are those parts that help everything to stay in place and intact.

You will be surprised to know that there are various types of breast cancers that a person may suffer from. But, there are some common kinds of breast cancer which are said to be the most common ones in maximum people. The common breast cancers can be listed as under:

Invasive lobular carcinoma

As we know that lobes are the milk-producing glands of our breasts. The cells of the lobes get hit with cancer. So, what happens is; cancer spreads from your lobules to other tissues of the breast. Keep in mind that they not only spread to other parts of your breast but they can even attack other parts of your body.

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

One of the most common types of breast cancer is the invasive ductal carcinoma which starts within the ducts (the part which helps in transferring milk from the lobules to the nipples)and then does not stay limited to the ducts but can also spread to other tissues of your breast and even to other body parts.

There is a rare but dangerous breast cancer type which is known as Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). This kind of cancer is very aggressive and attacks the breast severely.

What exactly happens in IBC?

We have lymph nodes present near our breasts. IBC attacks these nodes and creating a blockage within which does not allow draining of the nodes popularly. Instead of a tumor formation, this causes red and swollen breasts with a warm one. Though this is rare but is dangerous as compared to the other types.

Well, breast cancer is commonly and majorly seen in women but it is not true that only females suffer from breast cancer. Even the males suffer from breast cancer and their breast cancer can be as deadly and dangerous as the breast cancers in women. The symptoms of breast cancer in both genders are the same.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

What are the symptoms of breast cancers?

There are a lot of symptoms that show that a person may be at the danger of breast cancer. The symptoms can be listed as under:

One may witness breast discharge from the nipples. This discharge is not milk.

Inverted nipples

A lump or a kind of swelling right below your arm.

Flaking and scaling of your breast skin

Pain in the breasts

Redness in the breast

Swelling of the breast

The red skin of the breast all over

Change in shape or size of the breast.

There may be several other symptoms. The above list is of the most common reasons.

In the medical world, breast cancers are detected with the help of Ultrasound and Mammograms. The breast cancers in the medical world are treated with Breast biopsy and surgeries like Lumpectomy, dissection of the lymph, mastectomy, etc.

In the medical world, breast cancers are detected with the help of Ultrasounds and Mammograms. The breast cancers in the medical world are treated with Breast biopsy and surgeries like Lumpectomy, dissection of the lymph, mastectomy etc.

But, these treatments do not guarantee a cent percent removal of cancer from the breasts plus they are expensive and leave various side effects on the human body. A completely natural and no side effects medication is Ayurvedic treatment for cancer. Ayurveda helps to cure the deadliest diseases from the root with zero side effects on the human body and in the most natural way.

The best treatment for cancer in Ayurveda is choosing the cancer care kit by Shatayupathy which mixes the right amount of required herbs and natural extracts. For more details about the cancer care kit you can visit the website the link of which is mentioned below:

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