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Ayurvedic product for diabetes

Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes Should Be Your Choice To Cure Your Diabetes

To cure your diabetes, chose an Ayurvedic product for diabetes to cure it from the root and all naturally without damaging your body. The food you eat everyday is the main source of energy for your body. What happens to the food you eat? There is a hormone called insulin which is made by the pancreas which takes the glucose from the food you eat and transfers it to the cells of your body. This glucose which the insulin converts from your food is known as the blood sugar. The richest source of energy for your body is this blood sugar only. When the level of blood sugar rises in your body, the body is said to be affected by the disease called diabetes.

In the scientific terms, diabetes is known as Diabetes mellitus. Now when a person is suffering from diabetes, his body cannot make enough insulin or if enough insulin is made in the body, the body cannot use that insulin effectively for the use.

There different types of diabetes a person may suffer from. The types of diabetes are listed below:


The most common type of diabetes is the Type 2 diabetes where the problem is not about insulin production but, the body cannot use the insulin effectively to generate energy. The body actually becomes resistant to insulin and thus, this becomes a reason that sugar starts forms in your blood.


Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes usually forms in women during their pregnancy but it vanishes of right after the delivery of the kid. But, in some women the gestational diabetes converts into Type 2 Diabetes. Also, gestational diabetes usually hit those women who are overweight when they start expecting or during their pregnancy, they gain weight.


Pre diabetes is a stage which hits the body before diabetes. Usually a patient shifts from being pre-diabetic to a Type 2 Diabetes patient if he does not change his lifestyle, does not take proper medication and care of himself. Here, it is easier to bring your blood sugar level back to normal.

A person suffering from diabetes can develop other health problems too which can be listed as under:

Kidney diseases

Damages in the nerves

Heart diseases

Problems relating to your eyes or eyesight

Damages to your dental health


Dementia starts developing because of high blood glucose


Skin infections

The parts where your body has creases, start darkening

Your breath is full of odor like that of fruit or acetone

As your blood sugar levels are high, it causes excessive sweating in your body

An unusual problem that may develop in your body is that you stop breathing for a while during your sleep which in scientific terms is called sleep apnea.

Some kind of Cancers

If a diabetes hit patient undergoes an operation, it takes time for his wound recovery.

Best Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes makes sure to heal all the aspects that fall under diabetes and cure your body completely.

The symptoms of diabetes may vary from women to males. But, there are some common symptoms which indicate that your body is suffering from diabetes that can be listed as below

Sudden weight loss

Blurry vision


Numbness in your feet and hands may start hitting your body.

Your hunger and appetite may increase

You may feel much thirsty

More urination


It is said that the symptoms of type 2 diabetes develop slowly as compared to type 1 diabetes. The symptoms of type 1 form faster.

There are various causes because of which people suffer from diabetes but the most common reason which a common person knows is the genetic reason. Yes, genetic hesitance from your family member is one of the causes that you become diabetic.

Moreover, the causes of different types of diabetes are also different which can be listed in detail as follows:

If we talk about Type 1 diabetes, the causes are –

Consumption of foods which include chemical toxins at a higher amount.

Viral infections in the body

Bacterial infections which find way into your body

Weight is though not considered as a cause for Type 1 diabetes.


Coming to Type 2 diabetes, the causes of it include


High consumption of alcohol

High blood pressure

As your age increases, the chances of type 2 diabetes rise with it.

Following a bad diet 


If you follow a sedentary lifestyle, you may be at a risk of Type 2 diabetes
Inheritance from the family

In females suffering from PCOS, type 2 diabetes is likely to occur.

If your cholesterol levels are abnormal.

What will be risk factors or cause of gestational diabetes?

PCOS is again a cause for gestational diabetes.

Overweight or obesity


Family history is one of the major factors during pregnancy, if you have a baby of more than 4 kilograms, gestational diabetes can persist or occur within your body.

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes suggests a proper diet which shall be followed by a diabetic. There are certain foods which shall be eaten and some which should be ignored. The list of such foods and the tips is as under:

Tofu shall also be included in your diet.

Heart diseases become a major risk in people suffering from diabetes. As we are aware about the fact that fish is rich in Omega 3 which prevents the diabetics for falling in to the trap of heart diseases.

Ayurveda suggests that, using mustard oil is the best choice for a person suffering from diabetes.

Lady finger is the best medicine for diabetics as per Ayurveda.

Dairy products like cheese, yogurt which are made from skimmed milk shall be included in your diet.

Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds etc. shall also be eaten.

Avoid liquor and smoking

Ayurveda suggests that old wine has been proven as a beneficial drink for diabetics.

A point to be noted as per Ayurveda is that, a rise in Kapha Dosha is not good for a person suffering from diabetes. Hence, it is advised not to sleep in the daytime as sleeping in the day increases the Kapha Dosha.

Diabetes in Hindi is known as ‘Madhumeh.’ Ayurveda uses various herbs and natural extracts to make medications for curing diabetes. There are allopathic treatments too to cure diabetes but Ayurveda cures diabetes from the root and in a completely natural process. The various herbs which Ayurveda uses for medication of diabetes are:

Carom seeds serve as a rich source of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is a good food to help you come out of the problem of indigestion. Indigestion becomes a problem for the people suffering from diabetes.

Ashwagandha – the all rounder herb in Ayurveda.
Gurmar etc.

Ayurvedic products like Madhumeh Har Kit from Shatayupathy are one of the products which assure that it has the power to cure your diabetes from the roots. Ayurveda has always stood true on its efficiency of curing any kind of disease or illness which damages the human body. 

Along with medications, proper diet, which required for all people whether they are suffering from diabetes or not; exercise is mandatory. If there is no physical activity carried on by your body, it is bad for your own personal health.

When you are suffering from diabetes, it is advised to work out and sweat out a bit for 5 days a week, 40 minutes daily.

Brisk walking, jogging, little bit of jumping, and stretching will work for you. Workout and change your lifestyle. Well, then it is not only about workout to be added on. Even your mental health holds a space for great importance when you are suffering from diabetes. Mental health is as important as the physical health is and in maximum scenarios we tend to ignore our mental health, which is wrong and we should not treat ourselves care-freely especially when it comes to our mental health. 

It is natural that you feel upset or depressed about a disease or illness which has recently hit your body. With diabetes, a person continuously keeps on thinking about his health and a question always keeps on coming to his head is that, whether his blood sugar level will stay in control or not? Or how shall he maintain his blood sugar level? These questions and continuous thinking is a natural process. There may be situations when you get angry suddenly or you get frustrated and feel depressed. Take a deep breath and focus on the well being of your body. All these mental situations are a bit obvious ones and there is nothing wrong in it. But, you need to take care of your mental stress and manage it well.

For treating your diabetes or any other diseases well, Ayurveda is the best remedy. You can easily get the Madhumeh Har kit from the website of Shatayupathy for the perfect cure of diabetes and for maintaining the blood sugar level in your body. The link from where you can get the package is as follows:

You can easily avail the care packages for diseases like blood pressure, heart problems, kidney stones, liver failure, intestinal problems etc. on the website of Shatayupathy. So, never give up on your determination to fight and win against Diabetes. Everybody has the right and can stay fit if they wish to.

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