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Ayuredic Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis

Ayurvedic Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is the major reason for liver failure in the humans. We get liver failure treatment in Ayurveda but let us also discuss about Liver cirrhosis.

What is liver cirrhosis?

You must have heard about fibrosis.Under this there is major scarring of your liver which irreversible.What happens is whenever your liver faces any problem or disease it tries to treat the same. The process when the liver tries to repair itself, scar tissues are released.As the number of these scar tissues increase in your body,it becomes difficult for your liver to function and the result of these scars is liver cirrhosis.

What are the symptoms of liver cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis has various symptoms but it is that stage when your liver is extensively damaged. The symptoms of liver cirrhosis are as follows:

Weight loss

The person may suffer from loss of appetite

Blood vessels forming clots under your skin

Loss of sex drive, breast enlargement in males can be seen as one of the symptoms.



You may notice white tongue and eyes, jaundice, fluid building up on feet etc.

Your heartbeat accelerates

You may also vomit blood

Change in colour of urine and stool. Where your urine gets darker and the stool gets pale in color.

Problem with the memory

Breathlessness and pain your shoulders especially the right one.

You may even face a pain in the area where your liver is located.

What causes this liver defect called cirrhosis?

The most major cause of cirrhosis is Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. they are considered to be the leading causes for Cirrhosis.

ause of cirrhosis is Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. they are considered to be the leading causes for Cirrhosis.

When you have a fatty liver, be it the alcoholic fatty liver or the non alcoholic fatty liver, extreme fats on the liver can cause extensive damage to it and result in Cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis may also be caused due to the genetic diseases a person is undergoing.

If someone is into regular consumption of alcohol

There are other reasons as well such as, if someone faces cancer in their bile ducts or pancreatic cancer which results in the blocking of the bile ducts; the chances of cirrhosis doubles up.

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What are the tests in the Allopathic world which a person needs to undertake in case he is suffering from cirrhosis or to detect the same?

Following are the tests which the person needs to undertake:

Blood test which actually measures the condition of the liver working. It sees if the liver is working properly or no.

Biopsy, where the liver cells are taken under a microscope so that it gets confirmed whether the patient is suffering from cirrhosis and if he is suffering from the same, the cause can be detected too.

There are imaging tests which need to be undertaken by the patient. These imaging tests include MRI scans, CT scans and ultrasound. They help in detecting if there is any fat on the liver or is there any scarring or no.

Then there is the system called Endoscopy. Under Endoscopy, a thin tube is inserted into your body through your esophagus. This tube has a light and a video camera attached to it. For detecting Cirrhosis, while doing Endoscopy, the doctor looks out for the swollen blood vessels.

Do you know that Cirrhosis has stages on the basis of severity ?

There are majorly 3 scales on which Cirrhosis is classified which are as follows:

STAGE A: Relatively mild can also be termed as compensated cirrhosis. Here there are little scars on the liver.

STAGE B: Moderate. Under this stage, the patient undergoes the situation of hypertension.

STAGE C: Severe. Here the liver scarring is at the advanced stage and one may notice swelling in the abdominal area. This is also termed as decompensated cirrhosis.

The last stage happens when your liver cannot be repaired without a transplant.

Moreover, doctors also have classified cirrhosis in 2 levels as:

1. Compensated cirrhosis means where the liver is still in a condition to function normally despite the damage.

2. Decompensated cirrhosis which means that the liver cannot function properly because of the severity it has been affected with.

What prevention can be taken?

To prevent your liver from getting affected by cirrhosis, you need to keep in mind the following points:

1. Vaccination for all types of Hepatitis.

2. No direct contacts with blood and direct body fluid of any person.

3. Practice safe sex and use precautions before having sex.

4. Please stop sharing needles used for making tattoos or injecting medicines.

5. Stop the consumption of alcohol

6. Say no to smoking

7. Maintain a healthy weight

8. Eat healthy food and maintain a balanced diet

Are you aware about the complications of cirrhosis?

The following are the complications one may undergo because of cirrhosis:

Spleen Enlargement

The platelets and your white blood cells decrease which may be the first sign of cirrhosis. Your white blood cells and platelets get trapped and there is swelling in your spleen.


Yes. Your body may get hot by malnutrition. The reason being that cirrhosis makes it difficult for your body to consume nutrients and proteins from the food you eat.

Bone Diseases

bone disease

Cirrhosis welcomes bones diseases in your body. The reason being, as due to this the body cannot intake and consume the nutrients you supply to it by your food. Your bones become weak and can be broken easily. Risk of fractures thus increases.

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

The chances of liver cancer increase when your liver gets infected by cirrhosis. It has been surveyed that people who had pre-cirrhosis face the problem of liver cancer more as compared to the ones with healthy liver.

Toxic Building In The Brain

As your liver is infected with cirrhosis, it cannot function well as it used to when it was a normal one. Because of this it cannot clear the toxins present in your blood well. These toxic settle in your blood and even reach the brain nerves and blood. The severe damage which can happen because of this is that the person may go into coma.

High Blood Pressure

As the blood circulation and cleaning gets affected by liver cirrhosis,it also slows down the normal blood flow.This increases the pressure in the veins which are responsible for carrying blood from intestines and spleen to the liver.This is terms as portal hypertension which means high blood pressure in the veins carrying blood for the liver.

Internal Bleeding

By now we know that the blood pressure increases due to cirrhosis.This cause the nerves to burst in severe circumstances.As the nerves burst inside the body, because of portal hypertension there may be a situation of enlarged veins in the stomach and the esophagus.This may even be life threatening and can lead to deadly internal bleeding.

Ayurvedic treatment for liver suggests that to prevent your body from getting affected with liver cirrhosis you should achieve the following:

Leave your anxiety or anger behind. It is not good for your entire health.

A good and a complete rest is a must

Your food intake of radish, whole wheat flour, mangoes, tomatoes, bananas, lemons, grapes, almonds, raisins etc. should increase.

Say a complete and a big no to alcohol.

You must avoid foods like asafetida, peas, mustard oil, cakes, chocolates, pastries, packaged foods etc.

Vegetarian food shall only be consumed.

There are various Ayurvedic treatments which are available to treat the liver diseases. Liver is the major gland that your body depends upon and the largest one too. The Liver care kit from Shatayupathy gives the best mix of Ayurvedic medications which has the power to heal the liver problems completely from the root. A complete natural way with zero effects, which has been proven to cure the liver problems like liver cirrhosis completely is Ayurveda. One shall always chose Ayurveda over allopathy because it leaves behind no side effects.

Liver failure treatment in Ayurveda is also a cent percent guaranteed treatment which helps people coming out of danger because of their liver problems.

Liver Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

The liver care kit is made of mixed herbs like:

  • Bhoomi amla which is used for various liver problems and also has been proven to reduce the size of kidney stones.
  • Kutki which boosts immunity and prevents bleeding like nose bleeding.
  • Harad is beneficial for the digestive system.
  • Punarnava in Ayurveda is famous for curing liver diseases and thus it constitutes as one of the major herbs of the liver medicines in Ayurveda.
  • Daruharida is used to set aside the pain and the inflammation caused in the liver. It has the properties to kill various kinds of infections and skin related problems too.
  • Ashwagandha is the magical herb which makes into the list of ingredients of every Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Black pepper, ginger, long pepper etc. a mixture of this is also used as it helps in digestion and also helps in boosting your metabolism.
  • Triphala which is used to cure diabetes, skin diseases and also liver related problems.
  • Warm water

Ayurveda over allopathy will always be the best choice for treating any kind of ailment your body suffers from.

It is also suggested to limit the intake of salt when you are suffering from liver cirrhosis. The reason behind this advise is, it becomes hard for your liver to keep a lot of fluid in your blood when it is damaged by cirrhosis. Salt increases this content of fluid in the blood and thus increases the risk for more damage. Stay away from foods with excessive salt and salt content.

Moreover, it is also suggested that you should use the OTC drugs (over the counter drugs) with utmost care. Because whe your liver is suffering from cirrhosis it is the most critical organ of your body. It is the one who processes the chemicals which go through these drugs. So it is always better to let your doctor know in advance about the medicine you are consuming.

Do not let your liver suffer a lot and do not pressurize it to reach till the stage where it requires a transplant because transplant is a deadly thing whose outcome can be death too. If you are suffering from an advanced level of liver cirrhosis, your life expectancy may vary between 6 months to 2 years. Be aware that you do not reach that level and chose a healthy way of getting rid of this liver disease.

Stay calm. Think for your good health. Take steps to remain healthy. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Exercise daily. Practice Yoga. Meditate. Eat healthy and quit the drugs and alcohol consumption. A good and a healthy life is all there to await your presence. The best way to welcome is to chose Ayurveda and cure it to the root cause naturally.

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