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Ayurvedic treatment for Reducing Weight

Ayurvedic Treatment For Reducing Weight- The Biggest Battle You Are Fighting For Yourself

Ayurvedic supplements for weight loss or any kind of weight loss products have been the most searched products over the net these days. Obesity has become a major problem in the world and is the leading factor for maximum diseases we have started suffering from today.

Being overweight is a common body problem people are suffering majorly in today’s time. 

Ayurveda helps in healing the problem of obesity by just changing the lifestyle and routine with a bit of change in your diet.

According to Ayurveda, there are 3 doshas our body goes through and we should eat accordingly. A balance in these is a must to stay fit and healthy.

Being a pitta dosha dominant person

Here your metabolism is associated with fire and water. If you are pitta dosha dominant then you should eat the following:

  • Your major eating focus should be on salads and raw vegetables.
  • One shall consume sweetened dairy products and even eat dairy products.
  • A medium amount of lentils and legumes shall also be consumed.
  • Spicy food, alcohol, and coffee are a big no.
  • Seafoods and meats shall also be given a big cross in your diet. 

Nuts and seeds shall also be avoided.

Vata dosha dominant person where the movement is associated with space and air

People who have this vata dosha shall follow the following dietary habits as per Ayurveda:

  • Cooked vegetables shall be consumed highly.
  • Legumes shall be eaten in a limited amount.
  • Raw and frozen foods shall be avoided too.
  • Nuts and seeds intake should be increased.
  • Every 2 hours, one shall eat a small number of meals.

Peppers., tomatoes, eggplant shall be excluded from the diet.

Kapha dosha dominant people where the structure of your body is related to earth and water.
People who have Kapha dosha shall follow the following instructions:

High-fat food shall be avoided.

No oily food.

The green leafy vegetable intake shall be increased

Protein count shall be cut and reduced.

Say no to dairy products.

Meats and animal food should be avoided too

Designed from the best knowledge of ancient science of Ayurveda, Shatayupathy’s weight loss package is made with the best herbs and herbal extract medicine which helps you reduce your weight and helps your metabolism too. You can check the details of this kit from:

Ayurvedic medicines have a combination of the following herbs: Triphala:
This is a combination of three magical herbs in Ayurveda which are known as haritaki, amalaki, and bibhitaki.


It has been proved in surveys and researches that Kalonji which is also called Nigella sativa has efficient power to help in reducing weight and curing obesity.


It helps in breaking down the fat cells and is used as one of the ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines.

Paneer Dodi:

It has the power to reduce the sugar levels in the human body and is used as one of the key ingredients for weight loss medicines in Ayurveda. It is a flower that has the power to cure weight gain.


The chaal of Arjuna is used for curing obesity. Arjuna has superpowers to not only cure obesity but it can cure dangerous diseases like lung problems, kidney diseases, heart problems, urinary problems, arthritis, etc.

Ayurvedic Tea For Weight Loss

The weight loss package includes Ayurvedic tea for weight loss which is known as Divya Amrit Ras. It is a herbal tea that is made from 32 super ingredients to cure your obesity and provide complete relief to your internal body. It helps in maintaining your body and improving your metabolism. It has various powers like increasing your immune power system, detoxifying your body, it has anti-aging properties and is rich in Vitamins and various minerals like zinc, calcium, folic acid, iron, etc. it gives a complete soothing to your body and has been proven to be a beneficial herbal tea as it is completely caffeine-free.

When you are aiming for weight loss, a change in diet without physical workout does not solve the problem at all. Sweating out is necessary to shed the extra kilos.

Follow a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and reduce the extra kilos to remain healthy forever.

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