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Did you know that you are what you eat?

Just in case you mind the kind of person you are, then you must mind your diet!  But why the dickens would one not mind what kind of person he/she is?  And by the way, have you ever thought about how many people in this world have failed to keep track of their health?  It is common to hear people say, ‘I can not understand why I am growing so big.  I have failed to reduce wait and I simply don’t know what to do.’  Or worse still, ‘I am growing so thin that I even feel ashamed of myself.  I just want to put on some little weight but I don’t know to do.’

Very popular statements!  Aren’t they?  Very many people have been frustrated by their weight end even their entire health in general.  Whereas this can be largely frustrating, the good news is that a few dieting tips can be of great help.

As pointed out earlier, one is just what he or she eats and indeed you can never be better than what you eat!  Stated simply, the kinds of food you eat determine your health.  Broken down, your size, weight, skin smoothness, blood content and immunity largely depend on what you eat.  Therefore, by merely improving your diet, you would save thousands that would be spent on medication.  Now, we are not talking about malnutrition here but most of the modern day ailments are as a result of poor dieting.

But what is the remedy?  Take heart, a few dieting tips will see you through…

The right approach to dieting

It’s a process.  Yes, a process but not as rigorous as one may be made to believe – only that they are simple sure steps.   The first step is to eat the right food. The simple lessons about nutrition we get early in life are that one should take a balanced diet – thus take foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and others.  Nothing much will change but consider reducing on the amount of fatty foods you consume.  Eat plenty of fruits, greens, whole grains, milk and fresh foods. Fresh foods should be given more attention than packed foods.  This is because you can easily verify the content of what you are eating, and not that industry-processed foods are not good.

Our dieting tips do not end with eating the right food; but also the frequency of eating.  Here we mean the time interval between one meal and the other.  Given the means, one should not eat less than two meals a day and even in times of abundance; it is not advisable to eat more than four meals in a period of twelve hours.  Typically, one should have an interval of about three to four hours between meals.  This should come to around three to four meals a day.

The other important thing is to consider how much you eat.  You do not have to eat a whole basket to show that you want to increase weight or for whatever reasons.  And of course, do not starve yourself, whatever the case may be.  Eating too little or too much is not wise dieting.  Just eat what is enough!   To be sincere, you will know when you are satisfied.  Even if your food is so delicious, you should not risk eating what is more than enough – there is always another day!

So now, our dieting tips are easy – just make sure you eat the right food, at the right time and in the right amount.  Isn’t that simple?  Yes, so simple and what a blessing that such a simple procedure can help you take control of your health.  The motivation is that if you have no power to control anything in life, at least you will not fail to control your diet and if you own all the power in the world but can not decide on what you eat and how you eat it, then you have no real power!


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