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Diet Plan

It may look a trivial issue but it is so important that it would even need a global referendum if it is to be solved.  Truly, it is a contentious issue, one of so great an importance that it determines what each one of us is.   In simple terms, man is as good and healthy as what he eats!

But how does one come up with a perfect diet, one that will keep them healthy?   A healthy diet is not just the balanced diet we are told about as children.  Yes, it is not all about taking vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and the like.  If one may then ask; what is that we are calling a healthy diet?

The best diet

“Everyone would want the best diet but trouble is it is so expensive that we can not all afford it.”  These are not rare words to hear.  Many people will blame their financial ability for their poor dietary habits.   Whereas the money fact may be relevant in some cases, many are the times when we blame our pockets for our poor diets when we only need some little knowledge and everything would fall in place.

The best diet is not all about expensive food items or possibly expensive wines.  It is just what you eat, where you eat it from and when you eat it.  Of course the condition under which it is eaten is also of great importance.  What does this mean?

It means you have to eat something healthy, and that is why our childhood scientific studies of the classes of food come in.  You do not have to eat them with mathematical frequency but you just need to know what you are supposed to eat and then eat it.  Your diet should include a good amount of vitamins; this means you should eat fruits and greens.  Fruits and greens can easily be got in both farming and non-farming societies.  In some cases, they are not for sale.  Such foods include greens like dodo, and fruits like mangoes, pawpaw, oranges, passion fruit, water melons, and many more.  You also need proteins (body-building foods) like legumes, meat and fish.  This means both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can have proteins on their diet and indeed we all should.   Energy giving foods like whole grains, cassava and potatoes should also be on your menu.  Fats and sugars should also be included.  It is advisable that the proportion of fats and sugars be the lowest on our diets.  This means we have to be conscious of what we eat but also the amounts we consume.

Eating a balanced diet is not all that makes a good diet.  You also need to be mindful of the time you take your foods and drinks.  Eating too much is not so good, so is eating too little.  One should eat a reasonably acceptable amount at acceptable intervals.  This does not mean you should have mathematically calculated hours of taking food but it is reasonable that your instincts will naturally tell you that it is time to eat.  Of course you must note that when you get yourself used to certain eating habits, your body will always respond to that.   This means if you begin eating every after an hour, you may get used to that habit and before long you will make it a daily routine.  This is not right.  Although this may not be the perfect eating habit, it is advisable to have at least three to four hour intervals between a meal and the other.  This means a person should not eat less than two meals a day and not more than four meals a day.  Four meals a day would be the perfect recommendation.  And when you eat, you do not need to overstretch the stomach, no matter how sweet or flavored the food is.  Please consume a reasonable amount!

So do you have the perfect plan for your diet?

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