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Home Remedies For Underweight

Using home remedies for underweight is a useful tool.  There are many remedies you can try to gain some weight back.  These remedies are recommended for your health and well being.  First, let’s take a look at the causes of being underweight.

Causes of underweight problems

There are many issues that may cause you to lose weight even when you are not trying.  Some people may not being taking in enough calories or they are not eating the proper foods.  Others may have problems with digestion or intestinal problems.  There may also be issues with fasting, not eating at all or only drinking liquids.  Many suffer from metabolic problems as well as chronic diarrhea or constipation.  There are all sorts of other issues that may lead to being underweight.  These include liver disease, worms in the intestine, Diabetes, and thyroid problems.

Underweight treatment

There are several home remedies for underweight.  These include some diet changes and eating some fruits and vegetables that are normally on your diet.  They are supposed to help you gain some weight back that you have lost.  After you gain some weight back, you can then move onto other sources of nutrition that may also help in your weight gain.

Milk diet

Home remedies for underweight such as this have been approved by many practitioners.  It is said to be a very fast way of gaining weight.  You must drink a glass of milk between every half hour to every hour on this diet for twelve hours a day for four to five days.  To begin, you must fast for around two to three days on only lime juice with some water added.  Also included in the milk diet are other dairy products.  Ice cream, cheese, and butter can also aid in your weight gain.  Milkshakes can be used to mix in different fruits that you like such as strawberries or bananas.  These are a tasty treat and make you more inclined to eat.

Fruit diet

Using fruit diets as home remedies for underweight are probably the best nutritional diets you can try to regain weight.  Fruits are quite good for you and the only thing you usually have to watch out for are allergies and too much concentrated sugar.  Otherwise, these fruit specimens can give an added charge of energy and sugar to your diet.  There are melons, bananas, figs, strawberries, and apples that can be used in this diet.  This fruit diet also works well when combined with the milk diet.  You should try to eat at least two or three varieties of fruit at least three to four times a day.  Most fruits offer sugar as well as much needed proteins.

Stress reduction

Reducing stress may be the most helpful and collaborative in home remedies for underweight.  Stress can cause depression and sleeplessness.  These two together can make you not want to eat for fear you may vomit the food up.  There are several stress reducing activities you can try. Some activities are yoga, running, jogging, skating, and even walking.  These raise your energy level making you want to eat more.  They also serve to cause a little fatigue so that you can get a good night’s rest.  All of these will aid in reducing the stress levels you are under.  Families can also cause a person stress.  Find someone to keep the kids and go out with your spouse or by yourself and get back into the world.  This will make you feel like you are not alone anymore.

If at any time, these remedies do not seem to be working, please see your doctor.  There may be a serious problem that needs to be treated.  If you do not gain weight after a couple of weeks or you lose even more weight, you need to be seen by a professional practitioner.  They can help get you on a normal diet and help you to begin gaining the much needed weight you do need again.


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