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Ayverdic Treatment for Weight Gain

Increase Your Body Mass by Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Gain

Are you underweight and are looking for Ayurvedic products for weight gain? Well, you have chosen is a completely right decision to treat your body naturally.

Well, we love being slim and a slim body is considered to be the best. But, there is something wrong here. We are not saying that being slim is a sign of fitness but it can also be a sign of an unhealthy body. If you are slim and your weight is below the expected weight of a healthy body, you are termed as an underweight person and you should get this checked before you invite illness or any kind of disease to your body.

If a person is underweight, the body of that person is not getting sufficient nutrients to build and grow his body, hair or bones.

The best way to know that you are underweight, overweight or the perfect one is to use the BMI (Body Mass Index). Do you know what is BMI? BMI is a tool which according to your height and weight calculates your body mass and decides which category of weight you fall into. There are various scales set by the BMI which are as follows:

A healthy weight body will be on the scale between 18.5 to 24.9 on the BMI

An overweight body will have a scale ranging from 25 to 29.9

A person facing the problem of being underweight will lie below 18.5

And if a person is suffering from obesity, his BMI will be 30 or higher.

Being underweight is no matter of pride because it has multiple risk factors associated with your body. Because of poor nutrition and other deficiencies your body faces because of your underweight, the risks associated are vast and some of them can be listed as under:


Specifically in women, if you are facing irregularities in your menstrual cycles, missing your cycles or having abrupt cycles are all the indications that you are not ovulating. If this persists for longer which means if it is chronic then this may also cause infertility.


If you are happy being an unhealthy slim body then you are at the risk of malnutrition. People these days go to extremes to attain a zero figure but due to this they make their body lack a lot of nutrients and vitamins. If there is a deficiency of nutrition in your body your body may be hit by malnutrition which is one of the deadliest risks of being underweight. Not only malnutrition but you may face the problem of anemia too. If your body is malnourished, you may ee various symptoms of it within yourself which can be:

Irregular periods

Feeling tired early

If you get ill, it becomes difficult for you to fight against it.

You start falling sick quite often,

Dryness in your skin

Thinning of your hair

Issues with your teeth health etc


What exactly happens in osteoporosis? Your bones become very weak and they can break easily. Basically it is a deficiency of Vitamin D and Calcium in your body. Usually faced by women in their later age who are underweight from the start.

The Risk Of Complications In And After Surgeries Increases

There are proven surveys and researches done which state that underweight people who undergo operations tend to develop more infections as compared to normal-weight people. Postoperative deaths are also seen more in the case of underweight people.



Again a symptom is usually seen in the women. It has been surveyed that women who are underweight tend to suffer from depression as compared to healthy women.

Just like any other disease, even people suffering from low weight issues have multiple causes for being underweight which can be jotted down as follows:

If the rate of your metabolic activities is higher, which means that the food you eat gets digested easily and fastly without depositing any fat on your body, the person may not gain weight howsoever high energy food he consumes

Your mental health is also directly related to your appetite. If a person is suffering from depression, OCD, anxiety, etc. these may affect the appetite of that person. He may eat less and thus these become a reason for underweight.

Higher physical activity indulgence in athletes can also cause the issue of being underweight. The reason being that they burn calories fastly plus their diet varies too.

Heritance from the family is the obvious cause of being underweight.

How to treat you being an underweight

Ayurvedic treatment for weight gain suggests some dietary and lifestyle changes to make your body healthier and free from any diseases which are as follows:

Choose Nutrient-Rich Food

Don’t end up eating empty calories rather, select and eat foods that are high on protein and nutrients. Like meats, whole-grain bread, vegetables, dairy products, nuts and seeds (dry fruits), rice, nut butter, corn, sweet potatoes, whole-grain cereals, oats, beans, etc. 

Even if you are not feeling hungry or less hungry, these foods will help you to restore the energy and provide proper nutrients to your body.

Other foods which can be chosen can be

Omega 3 rich fish called Salmon

Dark chocolate has high fat and calorie content


Egg yolk especially has a lot of nutrients, fats, and proteins within it
Cheese is a perfect source of fat, calories, calcium, and proteins which is mostly required by people who are underweight.

Yogurt is a protein and nutrient-rich food product that is healthy for all body types.

People also opt for protein supplements. But, it is advised to consume these supplements only after proper guidance by the doctor.

Meal Eating

Start eating small portions of meals during your day. Rather than munching on food in big quantities once in a while, keep on munching at regular intervals.

Physical Workout

A lot of physical workouts may go against your weight gain regime but in any case, your body needs strength. For your body strength, it is not necessary that you practice aerobics or high sweating exercises but, you can always go for weight lifting or Yoga. This will help you gain strength in the muscles and your body indirectly.

Focus On What You Are Drinking

Well, if you are foody and are underweight then you definitely enjoy this as a privilege. A person who is underweight is advised to drink high-calorie drinks with or after snacks and meals. The reason being, it helps in increasing the calorie intake which is helpful for the body. Shakes and smoothies can be enjoyed for this purpose.

Ayurvedic products for weight gain like the weight gain kit by Shatayupathy, aims at increasing the body weight and bringing it to a normal weight scale for the people who are underweight. In a completely natural way by using natural herbs, this treatment gives results without any side effects to your body.

By using and mixing the following herbs, medication is prepared and your weight is brought back to a normal one with a completely natural solution.



Shatavari which is used as a medicine to treat the hormonal imbalance in females.

Chawanprash because it helps to increase your appetite and provide density to your bones and strengthens your muscles too.

Custard apple. The seeds of custard apple are crushed and are consumed by mixing in the milk which helps in weight gain.

Yahtimadhu is one of the best medicines in Ayurveda used for weight gain.

It helps in increasing your immune power, repairs the damaged parts of the body from within.

Vasant Kusumkar Ras helps to gain weight. Not only this, it has benefits of making your skin tone better, it is also used for making your memory sharp and is mood healer too.

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Ashwagandha etc.are mixed and a proper weight gain treatment starts on the run.

Well, a piece of advice here is that, if you are facing the issue of being underweight, you also need to consult your doctor because there may several reasons for your weight being a low one as per the BMI. You should ask all the questions to your doctor about the mental and physical changes you are undergoing. Ask your doctor:

Why is my weight reducing?

How can I increase my weight?

What shall I include in my diet?

Will my being underweight increase the risk of any other disease?

What are the side effects that my body will suffer if I am underweight?

Is Will being underweight affect my pregnancy? 

Your doctor will always help you out of your queries and asking in detail even can clarify the doctor as to which treatment shall he refer you to.
If it is to be asked between Ayurveda or Allopathy then Ayurveda is by any doubt to be opted for treating any diseases or health issues. The biggest reason being that it has the power to cure the diseases or health problems of the root which Allopathic treatment lacks. Keep yourself away from stress and bad mood because these are the major reasons. People say because of depression and bad mood people tend to increase their weight. But, it is the other way round too. Lack of sleep is one of the causes of weight gain whereas it is also a cause for weight loss in the human body. It differs from body to body.

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